Glued Poster Mockup

People have such an odd attraction for imperfect things like crumpled paper, glitch effects, torn pages. Guess, the texture of a glued poster goes straight to this very category of things.

The worn look turns the simple poster into a whole exciting story, granting it some special meaning. Who wouldn’t want that for their design, right? Add your graphics to this wrinkled poster and see how it works on the concrete wall. There are 2 background options to match the specifics of your image, and 2 types of precipitations you can turn on/off for the scene. To let it look more alive, add a dog or a plant, applied to the set.

The pack features:

  • street posters mockup;
  • 3000×2000 px, 300 dpi;
  • 2 background textures;
  • snow overlay option;
  • shadow overlay option;
  • dog and plant are included;
  • help file.


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